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Paired Reading

5th February 2019

Would you like to improve your reading? If you would - paired reading is for you. 

Meet Iníon Flynn in the library, on Wednesdays at lunchtime, for twenty minutes. (13.20-13.40).

You will share a book with fellow students, taking turns to read aloud. It is the perfect opportunity to relax with your friends at lunch time.

Students who attend every Wednesday in a month will receive four good notes at the end of the month. 

Hope to see you all there. 

Iníon Flynn

Book Stack

Most Loyal Fan Award

February, 2019

Write a description of your favourite book and tell us why you love it so much. Aim to write one A4 page. Discuss the plot, your favourite characters, what the book made you question/think about.

Send your entries to rreid.cni@lmetb.ie to enter. The best entry will get a prize.

Good luck!

Reading with Coffee