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CNI Book Week

Thursday the 7th of March is World Book Day Ireland. World Book Day is celebrated on the same day all over Ireland. In CNI we celebrate World Book Week. World Book Week is a week were we in CNI try to encourage the students to read.

As Margaret Fuller puts it “today a reader tomorrow a leader”.

Some activities we do during World Book Week are:

* Fun and Educational quizzes which ask students questions on books they have read in the past.

* Students will participate in DEAR time (drop everything and read).

* Students can also design a World Book Day token or a bookmark. Lots of prizes available from the World Book Day Ireland Association.

* On Thursday students will take part in a guess the teacher game.

Prizes will be given to the pupils that win the competitions.

We hope you are all enjoying Book week.

Sarah Guemboura, 1Parsons


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